French focus: French surprise I

SACRED COWS (Vaches Sacrées)

France / 2016 / 11 min 13 sec

Director: Delphine Benroubi


From Jaipur to Bénarès, some cows portraits.


LE POTAGER (Le Potager)

France / 2016 / 11 min

Director: Grégoire Berthon


When the man crushes his cigarette into the ground of his potager, he does’nt realize the outcomes of his deed. The cigarette butt, as a seed would, has unexpectedly grown.

Stunned by the phenomenon, he decides to thereto plant day-to-day residues and objects. His imagination will take him further…


MEANWHILE (Meanwhile)

France / 2016 / 5 min 5 sek

Directors: Aurélia Deleplanque, Jordan Delquié, Charles Fort, Rudy Langoux, Sophie Roques

Producer: Gilbert Kiner


The fantasy and interior journey of a man, between dream and reality.


MEMORY (Eñvor)

France / 2016 / 3 min 17 sec

Director: Leïla Courtillon

Producer: Moïra Marguin

Contacts: :

Two sisters are on their way home, but a mysterious boat sound will separate them into the fog...


THE LEAVES PICKER (Le recolleur de feuilles)

France / 2016 / 12 min 58 sec

Director: Rémy Rondeau

Producer: Françoise Fraisse


Leon's job is to picks the dead leaves in autumn; he paints them in winter and stick them back on the trees in spring.


FOR A MOMENT (A bout portés)

France / 2016 / 9 min 16 sec

Director: Clémence Poésy

Producers: Priscilla Bertin, Judith Nora


Observing in close ups the students at the ballet school of the Opera de Paris, training tirelessly to build their future as dancers, Clémence Poésy offers an original outlook that leaves out of frame the bodies these girls and boys tame everyday.


MISSED CALL (Appel en absence)

France / 2017 / 18 min 43 sec

Director: Christy Whaibe


After the death of her husband, Alice, an 84 year old lady, receives a cell phone from her daughter. This gift will change her.


OFF (Off)

France / 2016 / 2 min 47 sec

Directors: Thomas Scohy, Zonnenberg Kevin


I am surprised, I am worried, I am obstinate, I am obsessed, I am defeated... I am... Off.


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